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Powerful Ebook is Narcissists’ Kryptonite

Can you recognize narcissists or narcissistic behavior? Do you or a friend face:

  • A relationship that increasingly drives you crazy but you don’t know why?
  • A boss who always makes you feel inferior and incompetent?
  • An emotional and pushy relative with whom it is impossible to set boundaries?
  • A charming person you’re dating, but something feels off?
  • A *wise* mentor who makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells?

If these sound familiar, you might be dealing with a toxic relationship or narcissist.
(Over 100 toxic traits listed here.)

If so, you are in the twilight zone of relationships, a place where you can kiss your self esteem goodbye. The trampling and decline of your self worth is the fix for an addict whose need is never-ending ego-fulfillment.

To help you through the drama and emotional trauma, Betsy Wuebker of Passing Thru and I have written The Narcissist: A User’s Guide. It is available for just $5 at HERE.

One of our blogging friends describes our book as a crash course in narcissism because in less than 30 pages, we cover these pithy topics and more:

✦ What creates a narcissistic personality?
✦ Why can involvement with a narcissist hurt you?
✦ What are common indicators?
✦ Questions you can ask people to see if they are narcissists.
✦ Why are narcissists so hard to deal with?
✦ Why are narcissists so effective at what they do?
✦ What can I say to set a boundary with a narcissist?
✦ Is the price of caving in worse?
✦ Why does it seem narcissists crop up more than once?
✦ Why do some people seem immune to narcissists?

narcissist_mockup1Betsy and I offer this book because we’ve both endured and survived narcissists in our lives. We know all too well they can make you feel guilt and demand you take the blame for all their ills. They will use every trick in the book to keep you squirming under their thumb.  Their machinations can lead to feelings of dread, depression and other disorders in those with whom they’re involved.

In The Narcissist: A User’s Guide, we teach you to recognize narcissistic behavior, understand its dangers, and change your interactions to healthier ones that avoid the toxic eating away of your inner peace, safe feelings, and sense of personal well-being.

What others are saying: Reviews of the The Narcissist: A User’s Guide

I can’t say enough about this book! This was an eye-opening read! The Narcissist: A User’s Guide is powerfully candid, well written and beautifully designed. It is an empowering contribution to the field of personal development.
Davina Haisell, Crimson Compass Life Coaching


Having spent a large part of my life surrounded by narcissists, it is easy to see the remarkable value in The Narcissist: A User’s Guide . I wish I’d read this in my teens, then again in my 20’s. Having the skills to easily spot and then avoid a narcissist and their evil magnetism is an essential life skill that applies to everyone.
Cindy Platt, Children Write the Future


I read The Narcissist: A User’s Guide …I started it and I couldn’t put it down… At 29 pages long, it is a crash course in narcissism, but it touches on everything someone about to make the jump to emotional freedom would want to know…The value of the advice given is that it is aimed at making a positive change in you, rather than dwelling on the person with the disorder.  It is taking control of what can be changed and accepting what cannot.
“OAD” — One Angry Daughter


With The Narcissist: A User’s Guide, Lori Hoeck and Betsy Wuebker pack a powerful dual author wallop into 30 pages. From defining the characteristics of the classic narcissist to articulating concrete strategies for dealing with their danger, the authors provide the sharp tools you need to recognize narcissists and then cut them from your life.
Sean PlattWriterdad and Collective Inkwell


I recommend The Narcissist: A User’s Guide to anyone who suspects they are dealing with a narcissist. You will learn, like me, that you are not crazy. And with this knowledge, you will gain the strength to untangle yourself from the Narcissist trap.
Eliza Fayle, Silver and Grace


If you’re dealing with a narcissist right now, this ebook is a must. It will show you that you are not alone, that you are NOT crazy, and that there ARE ways to cope with the narcissist in your life – including leaving them, and learning to avoid entering into a new codependent relationship in the future…I’ve read many self development books and ebooks, and this is by far one of the most empowering guides I have ever come across. Highly recommended!
Vered DeLeeuw, Momgrind.com and Blogger for Hire


“Narciguide” {The Narcissist: A User’s Guide} provided a clear assessment of the narcissistic personality along with practical steps to identify and prevent being damaged or wounded by their toxicity. I found the book extremely easy to read with useful examples.
Karen Swim, Words For Hire and Get Career Help


Relationships are tough enough without having to face a narcissistic personality. No one wants to be belittled, brow-beaten, or bullied.  The Narcissist: A User’s Guide will help you make sense of one the most confusing and perplexing dynamics in a relationship — the crazy-making ways of a narcissist.