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Yin and yang

CATS Yin and YangThis photo is my cats’ feline interpretation of the yin and yang symbol.

They are at rest and so am I.

At least when it comes to blogging or writing or having much of an online presence.

I don’t know if or when I will be back.

Life is full right now, but of those things you find when you are at rest.

In silence – and in self-defense – I figured things out in my own little way.

Loretta Young


If you need a self defense tip, here ya go:

Bad guys are more insecure than you. They do everything they can to hide this. They belittle, berate, badger, batter, and brow beat. To alter the dynamic, don’t throw this information in their face, but go beyond reactive fear and move into tough-minded, cool-headed, and strong-hearted action. How? You must build your self up — mentally, physically, emotionally — with as much determination as you put into earning a living or raising a family. Why? You are worth it, your family needs you, and you are stronger than you think.


Blessings to you and vaya con dios.

Lori Hoeck