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Tough-mindedness is a will to win

Beyond the Self Defense Tweets:
Taken randomly from my self defense tweets on Twitter.  I write super-short blog posts to go Beyond the Tweet, chosen from the archives.

Random Tweet:

The Tweet:selfdefenseattitude

Tough-mindedness in self defense isn’t tough-hearted or macho posturing. It’s radiating the msg. — “I can & will win.”

Beyond the Tweet:

We’ve all seen the strutting bully. You know the type — like the bad karate instructor in The Karate Kid or your own school and work bullies. Their will to win seems more powerful than yours. Why? They learn early in life that macho posturing, intimidation, and a big mouth often allow them to win at their game of bullying.

When you work on yourself —  building confidence, working through insecurities, developing a can-do attitude — you start radiating a demeanor that says, “I can and will win.” You learn being tough comes from the inside, not from intimidation.

So, anyone want to take on that dog?

Lori Hoeck

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  • Davina November 10, 2009, 11:07 am

    They always say “fake it till you make it” and I’ve practiced that, but… Nope, not interested in taking on THIS dog! Course, the stories I’ve heard from the media don’t help either. This dog means business and I’m not buying!

  • Lori Hoeck November 11, 2009, 11:48 am

    Hi Davina,
    That dog puts a certain face to “tough-mindedness,” doesn’t he?