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The who and why of it all

after-shoulder-roll-img_1085As a senior student and self defense instructor in two martial arts styles, tang soo do and tae kwon do, I’ve learned one important thing: self defense is more about a determined heart and mind than actual physical skills. This old adage is so true: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” But conversely, physical training can develop a powerful strength of mind and heart —  a force of will and intensity that can overcome an attacker.

So how do I bypass all that training time to help anyone reading this blog or my book develop the intensity and wherewithal to cope with jerks, narcissists, and criminals? Is it an Ancient Chinese secret? Ha! No. I do it by not trying to turn you into a martial artist, which takes years, but rather by
1) explaining the Source of Force within your own body for strikes and blocks
2) by arming you with mental and emotional skills that make self defense more a matter of mindset than physical skill set.

How can I do this? With years of freelance writing, martial arts training, and emergency response experience. Here’s my bio:firefigher-21-in-gear

  • Senior instructor in the martial arts
  • Third degree black belt in tae kwon do
  • Second degree black belt in tang soo do
  • Black Belt Magazine Contributor
  • Former volunteer firefighter and EMT
  • Previously authored personal
    development blog as “SpaceAgeSage
  • Writer of LoriHoeck.com

And why am I helping others learn self defense for free this way?

I have eight nieces and four nephews who couldn’t make my karate classes over the last two decades because they lived too far away. I want to pass the gift of self defense on to them and their kids without a 4-5 year investment of time and money. My plan is to dial down the artistry and pump up the practicality of what I’ve spent years teaching to karate students.

If you value protecting yourself and your family and need to learn self defense skills, you’ve come to the right place. I will be writing about: