Vigilance, it’s a 24-7 thing

by Lori Hoeck on October 29, 2009

Beyond the Self Defense Tweets:
I post self defense messages on Twitter almost daily. Starting today, for those who don’t use Twitter, I will write super-short blog posts to go Beyond the Tweet. They are randomly chosen from the list of previous tweets.

Random Tweet:vigilance24-7

Vigilance drops when we are hungry, angry, sick, & tired. Criminals see those as vulnerabilities. Don’t make them so!

Beyond the Tweet:

It’s easy to throw our shoulders back, keep our eyes and chin up, and present a strong confidence when we are feeling healthy or self-satisfied. But an illness like H1N1, a relationship break-up, or other life stresses can make us so inwardly focused we miss much of what is around us.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy admitted he targeted women who acted unaware of their surroundings and situation. Predators and criminals don’t usually focus on people who will pick up on their predatory body language or who seem like they might put up a noisy fight. A “victim” profile to them searches for perceived vulnerabilities.

Criminals and predators don’t keep bankers hours, so no matter how you feel, vigilance can’t be a sometime thing. It must be 24/7.

(Were you aware and vigilant enough to notice the clock is for “lefties”?)

Lori Hoeck

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Photo: Ross Berteig


1 Barbara Swafford November 1, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Hi Lori,

I love your idea of tweeting self defense tips. It gets the word out there so others can be aware.

What you said about Ted Bundy reminds me of times when I’ve paid attention to people walking. In some you can really see their strengths and how they are paying attention to their surrounding whereas in others, they appear very vulnerable.

The leftie clock? Nope! I didn’t “see” that. Slap my hand!

2 Lori Hoeck November 1, 2009 at 5:42 pm

Hi Barbara,
Gotcha! We often glance at something, fill in the picture incorrectly, and assume. It’s amazing what we miss everyday!

Criminals make those same assessments — Strong? Vulnerable? — but the vulnerable people are like glowing lights on their radar screen.

3 janice | Sharing the Journey November 5, 2009 at 8:31 am

Technology has brought a lot of advances, but one of the many dangers it’s brought is how unaware teenagers and young women become when they’re on their mobile phones or are listening to MP3’s. My kids aren’t happy about it, but I discoursge them from using either when they’re out and about in public, especially when they’re alone. They have assigned ring tones for family so they know if it’s urgent.

(PS I got in through Internet Explorer again.)

4 janice | Sharing the Journey November 5, 2009 at 8:33 am

PS I didn’t notice the clock either, but I rarely pay attention to photos in blogs unless they’re yummy or on photo based blogs.

5 Lori Hoeck November 5, 2009 at 10:37 am

Hi Janice,
As a person trained in newspaper journalism and layout, I take in the photos of blogs to see if they fit the story. Funny how stuff like that sticks.

Yes! Cell phones usage can turn our focus too much inward, and I’ve heard people give out personal information while others are in earshot. Crazy.

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