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‘Think Like a Black Belt’ around the web

In self defense, a person is often standing his or her ground alone. Otherwise I guess we’d have to call it “common defense.” But trust me, safety in numbers is always a better way to go!

This is true in blog writing as well.

As many of my readers know, before starting Think Like a Black Belt — both the blog and book — I authored a blog called SpaceAgeSage.  During those 11 months of  fledgling blog writing, I met some of the most wonderful writers around and continue to meet new people because of them. When blogging, it’s great to be part of a community of encouraging, motivating, and challenging bloggers, because they help keep you going in tough times, they can watch your back for you, and they may even kick your butt when needed.

When I started Think Like a Black Belt, I needed help in getting the word out so others can learn self defense and parents can teach it to their children. So where did I turn? To bloggers of course!

I’d like to share with my readers some of my fellow bloggers’ kind words and to give links to sites where I’ve been the guest author for a day. Please visit these bloggers to show your support of their contributions to the blogging world and because they support the work I’m doing here.

Thank you!

Online comments and reviews of
Think Like a Black Belt:


“With physical, mental and emotional self defense being the topic of this blog, for those who care about their own safety plus the safety of their children, this blog is a subscription must.”

~ Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without a Blog at her blog post: Kicking It.



“Make no mistake – Lori doesn’t pull any punches. She is not out to sugar-coat her message. She is matter of fact, encouraging and ultimately, very convincing. We can defend ourselves from the bad guys and we can teach our children how to recognize and deal with them, too. I’m more than impressed with Think Like A Black Belt – Take Charge of Your Own Safety. Every parent and child can benefit from Lori’s wisdom and experience. Most of us are ill-equipped to deal with being the targets of any sort of aggression, whether it comes from the 3rd grade bully, the overbearing co-worker, or the stranger lurking in the street.”

~Betsy Wuebker of  Passing Thru on her post Think Like a Black Belt and Be Safe



“Over the holiday weekend I read the e-book Think Like A Black Belt: Take Charge of Your Personal Safety by Lori Hoeck. The author presents 15 powerful safety tips for preventing assault and dealing with an attack. It is an excellent how-to book about raising our awareness, relying on intuition, reducing vulnerability and learning emergency thinking in order to avoid becoming a target of attack by a criminal. This is not instructions on how-to-do karate or tae kwon do. It is a book about not getting into situations where we need to fight, but preparing ourselves mentally in case we do.”

~Linda Abbit of Tender Loving Eldercare on her post Do Your Aging Parents Think Like a Black Belt?



“Please check out Think Like a Black Belt for mental, physical and emotional self defense lessons, especially if you’re a woman or have children … Who can benefit? Anyone who walks in public, parks a car, has children, works with others, goes out in the evenings… in short, everyone! We’re talking some of the most practical life skills that can be applied to any situation where you need to be sharp, alert, aware and informed. I let my teenage kids read these posts. I’m anxious by nature, but the tips they’ll learn from the Think Like a Black Belt ebook and blog will help me breathe a little easier. I bought the book the day it came out! It covers many topics such as strengthening your inner radar and your psychological and physical defense mechanisms, and teaches us to layer all the skills for greater effect.”

~ Janice Hunter of Sharing the Journey in her introduction to my guest post on  “7 Ways Blogging and Karate are Alike” in her post entitled Think Like A Black Belt



“Lori has recently launched a compelling new site on self-defense:  Think Like a Black Belt. If you’re at all interested in self-defense, including mental preparation and psychological issues, please do check out her site … she has recently launched a new e- book called Think Like a Black Belt: Take Charge of Your Own Safety…  The book would be particularly useful for parents who want to teach their kids some self-defense principles, helping them to be more aware of potential risks without making them fearful. In fact, her approach is the opposite – it’s all about learning to trust yourself and your intuition to help keep yourself safe.”

~ Joanna Young of Confident Writing in her background notes on my guest postWrite Like a Black Belt.”



“... Lori Hoeck, {is the} author of the awesome Think Like a Black Belt blog. It might be new, but it’s also the best self defense blog around. Lori has also authored the wonderful ebook, Think Like a Black Belt. I’ve read it and would recommend it to anyone with children as it is brimming with practical points of discussion to keep parents mindful and their children safe.”

~ Sean Platt of Writer Dad in his introduction to my guest postHow to Think Like a Black Belt in Parenting.”


Also, thank yous go out to Davina of Shades of Crimson and Vered of Momgrind for graciously putting up a banner ad on their sites to promote the ebook Think Like a  Black Belt, Take Charge of Your Own Safety.

And a once and future thank you to Eliza of Silver and Grace, who will host a guest post of  mine on August 31 on what it is like being the caregiver for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and dementia. The link is here.


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  • Davina July 21, 2009, 1:52 am

    Hi Lori. I read your guest post on Confident Writing earlier this evening and enjoyed the comparison you made between martial arts and writing. How fantastic for you to have such a strong support system here. The blogosphere is great isn’t it?

    Thanks very much for the link. Your book is sitting on my desktop waiting patiently for me to read it. I’m halfway through another book that I’d promised to do a review for, and then, it’s on to Think Like a Black Belt, and then…? Have you started your next book yet? 🙂

  • Lori Hoeck July 21, 2009, 9:04 am

    Hi Davina,
    The blogosphere is indeed a great community! Thank you, thank you for the upcoming review. I’d love to have more bloggers, like parent bloggers involved, too, (HINT to my readers!).

    I’ve been busy with blog building stuff, so that next book, a techno-thriller, sits on the back burner at 84,000 words. But there are moments when I’m on the computer when I flash one of the really cool scenes in the novel, and I want to finish it!

  • Kathy | Virtual Impax July 21, 2009, 9:39 am

    Lori – I should have known you had a lot of previous blogging experience under your belt! I’m so glad to have found this treasured resource thanks to Barbara’s site.

  • janice July 21, 2009, 11:26 am

    Thank you! This was a lovely surprise! I think there’s enough in your recent guest posts and the comment threads to do a wee companion ebook on all the allegories and analogies. 😉 I look forward to reading your post over at Davina’s later. I have an idea cooking about getting it out wider; I’ll email you.

  • Lori Hoeck July 21, 2009, 1:22 pm

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, blogging is getting in my blood.
    Thank you for your kind words.

    Hi Janice,
    Happy to help with some link love.
    LOL re: allegories and analogies — that’s my fun place.

    I’m looking forward to that email! Muchas gracias.

  • Vered - MomGrind July 21, 2009, 8:36 pm

    I’m so glad you are surrounded by loyal friends. Thank you for the link love!

  • Lori Hoeck July 22, 2009, 8:26 am

    Hi Vered,
    Happy to give to those who give so much.

  • Bakari July 22, 2009, 1:53 pm

    I bumped into your blog today. Seems very interesting. I am looking forward to coming back.

  • Lori Hoeck July 23, 2009, 6:56 am

    Hi Bakari,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.