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Self defense requires guts, instinct, and intutition

by Lori Hoeck on March 16, 2010

Beyond the Self Defense Tweets:
Taken randomly from my self defense tweets on Twitter.  I write super-short blog posts to go Beyond the Tweet, chosen from the archives.

The Tweet:


Learn to trust your gut about people & situations. Your Inner Warrior is as real as your Inner Child.

Beyond the Tweet:

In self defense, your subconscious mind picks up on something (uncomfortable or criminal) about a person. It then tries to make you aware, such as making you wonder if a furtive person wearing a heavy coat in the summer could be hiding a weapon.

Trust your survival self to bring up one or two danger clues to your conscious mind as it homes in on something your eyes might otherwise be missing. Sometimes that “sensing” can manifest as a feeling of discomfort or fear at the razor’s edge of our awareness. When you have that feeling, your Inner Warrior may be seeing something the conscious mind is not, such as:

✦ A weird tick in the other person’s eye

✦ The way he moves his shaking hands

✦ The odd bulges in their right boots

✦ The wary glance at a passing patrol car

✦ The smug, triumphant ghost of a smile sneaking across her face

✦ The way too convincing, smooth, or persuasive talk

✦How your date says “We are perfect soul mates”

✦How an overly helpful person seems to meet every need before you ask

✦How a smiling authority figure says his control over you is for your benefit

We don’t have to be paranoid or walk around overly anxious about these things. Relaxed awareness and honoring your intuitive side is a healthier way to go.

Lori Hoeck

I tweet here @LoriHoeck.

Photo: kaibara87


1 Davina March 16, 2010 at 11:52 pm

Hi Lori.
This is so true that as soon as you feel something is ‘off’ enough to make you start looking for signs… then something IS off. We are more tuned in than we think.

2 Lori Hoeck March 17, 2010 at 11:04 am

Hi Davina,
YES! The Inner Warrior can be awakened when we honor its insight and power. The whole “fight or flight” response has more to it than most realize, and it is part and parcel of who we are.

3 vered March 17, 2010 at 8:31 pm

The older I get, the more I learn to trust my instincts. Great advice.

4 janice March 18, 2010 at 7:38 am

You know I’m with you when it comes to instincts and intuition, Lori, and I agree too, with Vered and Davina. I’ve always trusted my instincts when it comes to people and situations, but now that I’m embarking on the menopausal journey into the unknown, those instincts have become even stronger as my brain’s getting rewired.

I read a great chapter yesterday about the effects of the menopause on our parasympathetic nervous systems and our sympathetic nervous systems, and you’re right; the whole fight or flight business is fascinating and highly complex.

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